My Free Pigeons

I love animals and birds……

So much so that i want to become the GERALD DURRELL of my family…..

but alas my parents don’t allow me to keep pets, so i had to do with whatever little i could do for them………

– i give food to street dogs and try to help them every now and then.  Once Ankita (one of my best friend’s) and me got home a puppy with an injured leg.

(the side effects being ankita swearing that she will never have a pet and do with just looking at them on the TV and me…. well i got more patience, meaning Dad under more pressure to get me a dog and mom…..well mom again had to do with biting her nails and looking at me like i am a crackpot and scolding me to concentrate on my studies……)

– Annapurna (another one of my best friend’s) also shares some of the love i have for animals….she had 2 gold fishes (one of them died soon, so her mom started taking the bowl around with her so that the other fish doesn’t feel lonely) and her school friend once gifted her with a rabbit (he was quite mischievous, she once found him in the garbage eating carrots).

– Ankita thinks i am crazy when it come to pets….she was dumbfounded when i told her that i cried during the movies – “Marley and Me” and “Hachiko – a dog’s tale” but not in the movie – “A walk to remember”…….well whatever……….

– This time i got another chance to help them…………Pigeons !!!!

I have kept a pot of water and another cardboard box of bajra for them in my room balcony. There is a family of three pigeons….must be Mom pigeon, Dad pigeon and Baby pigeon who come to eat and drink…

The most interesting part of this is the Baby pigeon….

Mom and Dad pigeons are always scared and eat and drink like they are stealing or something and look through the balcony door that nobody is coming for them…..i could literally hear the Boney M song “Ma Baker” in the background when they come….

But the Baby pigeon is quite COOL…. he sits there while i’m placing water and food for them. He also takes a bath in the water pot……..I also found him one day sleeping inside the box of bajra (must have overeaten) 🙂

Do what you can do for animals and birds, especially in summers….they too are facing global warming…


2 thoughts on “My Free Pigeons

  1. my rabbit use to nly eat & eat…& point 2 b noted dat he used to love ‘maggi’…& dat fish died of over eating..

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