Yoga and Me

A few days ago, i was looking through my dad’s mini library, when i found a book named Lilia’s Yoga and You. I was already looking for ways to lose weight (only looking for :-), once I have found a way, I don’t actually follow it,the reason being I become tired in the research stage only.)

So Lilia’s Yoga and You, amazing book, with picture illustrations, a series of yoga postures, when followed thoroughly will lead to a healthy mind and body. It looked really easy. This time i was really serious to follow my weight loss regime. So next morning I got up at 6 am, stood on the yoga mat (which I got for rs.400) and started doing the postures. Well that went really well !!! I wasn’t even able to do one posture properly. I mean, it looked really easy. I also have 2 hands, 2 legs, 1 torso as Lilias has. The only thing which happened to me by doing this yoga was that i wans’t able to move the next day…..

So i went back to my research department, trying to find another easy way to healthy body and mind. AND I GOT IT —- YOGA NIDRA 

For those who don’t know what is yoga nidra – Yoga-nidra may be rendered in English as “yoga sleep”. It is a sleep-like state that occurs with some practitioners of meditation.These aspects may include relaxation and guided visualization techniques as well as the psychology of dreamsleep and yoga.

So my Dad downloaded an mp3 of yaga nidra. Me, My dad and mom were really excited to do Yaga nidra. So we switched on the mp3, laid down in shav aasan (lying down on back ) and started following the instructions of the conductor. Her voice was really calming.


– The mp3 was in hindi. (So when the conductor told us to start counting backward from sathayis (27), we didn’t understand. I thought it was 37, my mom thought it was 97, my dad got it right though !!

– Next came the part when we have to meditate, without falling asleep. Generally yoga nidra is so relaxing that, it can act as a lullaby and put you to sleep. So my dad started snoring for 2 minutes.

– Next comes the part were the conductor tells you to see or imagine some things like Sunrise, Sunset, walking on wet grass, entering a temple, smell of diya etc etc…. I was really good at this, but suddenly she told us to see Budda. I have seen Budda on tv so many times, but at that time I could only remember the bun on his head ( see pic )

– The best part of the yoga nidra was my mom. The whole point of this yoga is relaxation. She was killing mosquitoes all the time.

I think I have to go back to my research department again. If you have any ideas please give. (don’t suggest a diet, my brain only works in the case of weight gain diet…..:-)))


7 thoughts on “Yoga and Me

  1. if you find yet another solution to lose weight, tell me also…am desperate to lose atleast 5 kilos….

  2. ya who can know better then me that u cant go for diet….. we tried so many yrs but all in vain… & u rember when v used to go to park for walking v just used to sit on bench & talk & talk & talk… hahahah…

  3. @ annu- u remember the ice creams and paneer rolls we used to have every time we used to go for walk….after some time my mom stopped asking about our exercise and started asking about our diet !!!!!!!!

  4. Great to read my daughter’s own blog. Hilarious. Though I would prefer that she really does log time for her exercises and studies and gets feel of being healthy (it is not important to be size zero)

    • uncle ur daughter is fud lover.. whenever v go out da 1st thing she wants to hav is fud…. if i try to stop her; she gives lecturs on diet then she says sumthing funny den v both laugh &; start eating sumthing….

  5. @ annu – do u even know how difficult it is to shop with u…..
    to shop like that….u need lots & lots & lots …….& lots of energy yaar….tere baare mein hi soch rahi thi….!!!!!!!!!!!!

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