My Free Pigeons

I love animals and birds……

So much so that i want to become the GERALD DURRELL of my family…..

but alas my parents don’t allow me to keep pets, so i had to do with whatever little i could do for them………

– i give food to street dogs and try to help them every now and then. ¬†Once Ankita (one of my best friend’s) and me got home a puppy with an injured leg.

(the side effects being ankita swearing that she will never have a pet and do with just looking at them on the TV and me…. well i got more patience, meaning Dad under more pressure to get me a dog and mom…..well mom again had to do with biting her nails and looking at me like i am a crackpot and scolding me to concentrate on my studies……)

– Annapurna (another one of my best friend’s) also shares some of the love i have for animals….she had 2 gold fishes (one of them died soon, so her mom started taking the bowl around with her so that the other fish doesn’t feel lonely) and her school friend once gifted her with a rabbit (he was quite mischievous, she once found him in the garbage eating carrots).

– Ankita thinks i am crazy when it come to pets….she was dumbfounded when i told her that i cried during the movies – “Marley and Me” and “Hachiko – a dog’s tale” but not in the movie – “A walk to remember”…….well whatever……….

– This time i got another chance to help them…………Pigeons !!!!

I have kept a pot of water and another cardboard box of bajra for them in my room balcony. There is a family of three pigeons….must be Mom pigeon, Dad pigeon and Baby pigeon who come to eat and drink…

The most interesting part of this is the Baby pigeon….

Mom and Dad pigeons are always scared and eat and drink like they are stealing or something and look through the balcony door that nobody is coming for them…..i could literally hear the Boney M song “Ma Baker” in the background when they come….

But the Baby pigeon is quite COOL…. he sits there while i’m placing water and food for them. He also takes a bath in the water pot……..I also found him one day sleeping inside the box of bajra (must have overeaten) ūüôā

Do what you can do for animals and birds, especially in summers….they too are facing global warming…

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Me, My Parents and WORLD CUP !!!

India won World Cup after 28 years !!!!

WOW ! The whole India erupted with celebrations that night…….

But let’s rewind a few hours and take alook at some of the antics, me and my parents did during the match.



– she wore the same saree she had worn on the day of Pakistan vs India match. India won that match….so obviously it was extremely lucky for Indian cricketers.

– Then after some time she started shouting out to me to wear the same dress i had been wearing during the previous match. She maybe had some extra terrestrial signals telling her that my pink kurta will be lucky for the Indian cricketers….

– My mom bites her nails when in tension….ofcourse her nails were NON EXISTENT by the time final match started, being already consumed and digested by her during the previous matches. So she had to satisfy herself by telling me and dad that she has no more nails !!!! (an extra dilemma)


– He just got a new phone…..This is the first time he noticed that a cellphone has a lot of other things than just a calling facility….

– So, he sat down in front of the TV, with mobile in his hand and started working on it. By the time the match was halfway, he was already an expert on his phone. ( he had sent 2 sms’s to my phone, joined Twitter, become a follower of 4 or 5 people and already posted something on their walls…..)

– Now, he was deliberating whether to join orkut or not…….

ME- I generally sit through the matches, looking like i am being tortured….but this was it…..i mean it was the FINAL match…. so i just had to do with sleeping on the sofa in front of the TV, with my eyes wide open and my eyeballs literally on the verge of popping out of their sockets……..

– In between my mom got up to go to the kitchen, when a srilankan batsman got out. That was my cue….whenever the srilankan’s started to bat well, i told my mom to get up and scoot over to the kitchen…hoping somebody would get out again….



– Now an expert on almost all the phones, i think…he started staring at the TV screen with a serious looking face (looking like me when i am about to give a Maths exam)

– He usually has the remote control in his hand, which he uses more than necessary during the matches. By the time match is over we would have watched a movie, 4 or 5 songs, one tv soap, and ofcourse news….

– but today he just left the remote with my mom ( reason i will tell u later)


– She sat down in the same position, on the same place, she sat during India vs Pakistan match. She looked as if she would achieve NIRVANA if she concentrated like that for another 5 minutes….


– I got up from my NAP…generally naps are taken for tension relieving…but i just discovered that naps can be taken with tension and you can gradually increase the stress levels…

– So i switched on my computer which is near TV and started watching 2 episodes of a 40 minute each TV soap (which my best friend gave me, although i don’t like that soap) rather enthusiastically (meaning i was hearing the dialogues of the actors and watching the actions of Sachin and Sehwag)

Then Dhoni came to bat.

That’s it…me, mom, dad watching the match as if we could jump into TV screen onto the stadium….

and alas……yippeeeee INDIA won…..thankgod… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we were feeling as if we had batted instead of Gautam, Dhoni and Yuvraj.

My dad slyly telling us that he left the remote with mom because he thought it was lucky……he definitely fallen into the trap….he used to laugh at my mom and me when we used to do something superstitious……………


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Yoga and Me

A few days ago, i was looking through my dad’s mini library, when i found a book named Lilia’s Yoga and You. I was already looking for ways to lose weight (only looking for :-), once I have found a way, I don’t actually follow it,the reason being I become tired in the research stage only.)

So Lilia’s Yoga and You, amazing book, with picture illustrations, a series of yoga postures, when followed thoroughly will lead to a healthy mind and body. It looked really easy. This time i was really serious to follow my weight loss regime. So next morning I got up at 6 am, stood on the yoga mat (which I got for rs.400) and started doing the postures. Well that went really well !!! I wasn’t even able to do one posture properly. I mean, it looked really easy. I also have 2 hands, 2 legs, 1 torso as Lilias has. The only thing which happened to me by doing this yoga was that i wans’t able to move the next day…..

So i went back to my research department, trying to find another easy way to healthy body and mind. AND I GOT IT —- YOGA NIDRA¬†

For those who don’t know what is yoga nidra –¬†Yoga-nidra¬†may be rendered in English as “yoga¬†sleep”. It is a sleep-like state that occurs with some practitioners of¬†meditation.These aspects may include relaxation and guided¬†visualization¬†techniques as well as the psychology of¬†dream,¬†sleep¬†and¬†yoga.

So my Dad downloaded an mp3 of yaga nidra. Me, My dad and mom were really excited to do Yaga nidra. So we switched on the mp3, laid down in shav aasan (lying down on back ) and started following the instructions of the conductor. Her voice was really calming.


– The mp3 was in hindi. (So when the conductor told us to start counting backward from sathayis (27), we didn’t understand. I thought it was 37, my mom thought it was 97, my dad got it right though !!

– Next came the part when we have to meditate, without falling asleep. Generally yoga nidra is so relaxing that, it can act as a lullaby and put you to sleep. So my dad started snoring for 2 minutes.

– Next comes the part were the conductor tells you to see or imagine some things like Sunrise, Sunset, walking on wet grass, entering a temple, smell of diya etc etc…. I was really good at this, but suddenly she told us to see Budda. I have seen Budda on tv so many times, but at that time I could only remember the bun on his head ( see pic )

– The best part of the yoga nidra was my mom. The whole point of this yoga is relaxation. She was killing mosquitoes all the time.

I think I have to go back to my research department again. If you have any ideas please give. (don’t suggest a diet, my brain only works in the case of weight gain diet…..:-)))

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